Thursday, August 11, 2011

You Look Good Moleskine - New Folio Pads, Folders and Sticky Notes

Ok so we all know Moleskine always looked good, dressed in black ready to kill! But now the team at Moleskine HQ have decided to accessorise with some colour and a bit of fresh panache.

Launching 4 new ranges in Australia this month, NoteMaker are lucky enough to exclusively stock them first! There is the long awaited Moleskine Digital range including the iPad 1 casesKindle cover, the Moleskine Travel range with laptop bags, cases and bags, the Moleskine Writing range of pens and pencils, and the Moleskine Reading range with glasses and book lights.
But today we're going to have a closer look at the Moleskine Folio Professional range - with its colourful sticky notes, binders, folders and writing pads. This range works together seamlessly with all Moleskine products. This range takes on board the same design features of rounded corners, elastic straps in some instances, and the soft cover material of Moleskine.

The Folio Professional range also brings a pop of colour to your office supplies cupboard and is built with integrity, designed to last and always thinking of the creative in all of us.

Explore the complete Moleskine Folio Professional range or t
ake a closer look at our gallery page.


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