Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Just Landed: Ask Alice Stationery!

Ask Alice is Melbourne's very own design stationery label - all designed and produced from the hand drawn illustrations of designer Sass Cocker.

Sass is really lovely, great to get in touch with, and comes across as really interested and caring. This clearly translates in her work - a thorough interest in making sure we're all happy!

It's an idiosyncratically Melbourne range - a closed loop of production that all happens within a few kilometres and turns out stationery that really gets you once you hold it.

I mean these images look really cute but once you actually hold one of those hard cover notebooks in your hand, you'll be nigh on swooning! That silk linen cover is so nice!

And i can't help but contemplate that fox's personality as he returns my gaze!

All products are made from recycled card and paper, printed with vegetable based inks and use minimal packaging - all of which is biodegradable. Notebooks, hard cover books and a really cool postcard book, all from hand drawn sketches by Sass herself.

Each item is made to be used lovingly, with a feel of quality that only comes with attention to detail and care.

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