Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just Landed: Frankie Diary 2012!

Just Landed, direct from Frankie Press, we have the super cute Frankie Diary 2012 and Frankie Calendar 2012!

We saw images for these and thought that they looked amazing but i was still really shocked with how nice the quality is. The diary cover in particular is so warm, a really coarse thread which is nice like book linen times a thousand!

The sections inside are all individually designed and actually really helpful. When anticipating these I was confident they would be really cute and stylish but was maybe dubious about how well thought out they would turns out Frankie know a thing or two about diaries!

I mean check this out: Title Page / Yearly Planner for 2 years / Monthly Planners / The Weekly Diary / Budget Pages / List Pages / Notes Pages / Sweet Cut Out Calling Cards / Address & Contacts / International Time Zones / Inner's covered everything.

And to prove they really know what they're doing, the paper stock is really keeps the tactile joys coming with each page turn.

And if I haven't said how unfailingly, irresistibly cute it is, well it's worth mentioning.

So that's the diary - it's really nice, you'll be so happy to carry it around every day...365 days of warm, personal design goodness. The Frankie calendar is obviously not for carrying around with you but it is 365 days of goodness for your wall.

You can see all the illustrations (12 different contributors) by clicking through. I won't need to comment on how cool and quirky they are - above is my fav! The images might not show you the paper stock though. It's seriously beautiful thick card. Again, Frankie know what they're doing with calendars!

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  1. this looks really cool :) maybe just cool enough to tempt me to actually buy and use a diary!