Thursday, September 29, 2011

Just Landed: Pijama Laptop Sleeves!

Pijama - Hand-sewn in Milan

Well this is very exciting and very timely for us - we have just received the super cool Pijama Sleeves! Pijama sleeves suit all kids of digital technology - iPad sleeves, Macbook Sleeves, iPhone Sleeves and they suit all kinds of models and brands.


It's exciting because, well, look at them! Each sleeve is sewn in Milan, Italy using, and as an homage to, favourite fabrics and textiles. Pijama is actually a very young, cutting edge company. It was started in 2006 by an architect and a fashion designer, so you get the best of both worlds - attention to detail and style.


I'll guess that these are designed by cool young Italians and probably made in some super sleek sewing room equipped with espresso machine and some trendy obscure Film Noir soundtrack playing in the background. Having said that, the fact that they are sewn by hand and kind of look like the cushion covers from my Gran's old place mean that I can't help but see some hilarious old Nonna knitting iPad sleeves while the bolognaise simmers in the background.

Nonna's finest!

But no, don't be fooled! Pijama is very now and very on-point, taking pride in their innovation in design and attention to quality materials.

Scratch-resistant inside!

The inside of the sleeves is neoprene. This stuff is soft, a little stretchy and scratch resistant. The outside may be classic tweed, vintage cotton or dandy wool. Invariably, it delivers that endearing warmth that makes touching things fun! You'll start taking your iPad everywhere, even over to Nonna's!

Dandy Wool!

And this is what you're supposed to do with your Pijama. They're lightweight and easy, effortless. Just a trusty velcro closure, no buttons or zips, nothing bulky, just a nice way to protect from scratches and to avoid buying one of those anonymous generic things that most people have chosen to settle for.


Check it out! Oh and it's timely because we just got a new MacBook Air and it is thus far sleeveless...decision, decisions...

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  1. Grace from the Shoplet BlogSeptember 30, 2011 at 2:05 AM

    ooh these are so cute!