Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Just Landed: Whitelines Notebooks!

Whitelines is here! It's finally here! The unique and interesting concept in creativity has finally hit our shores! It was sufficient news for the Whitelines team in Stockholm to mention it online and sufficient news for all of us here to change notebooks!

To bring you up to speed, Whitelines is Designed in Stockholm, Sweden - home of the brains behind the idea, Olof Hansson. He calls them non-conflict lines and that term pretty much sums up the whole concept.

To elaborate, in Olof's words: "We have been using paper with dark lines for ages. You probably used it in school as a child, perhaps tried to put a small minus sign just above the line to make it visible. At work you may have made notes from a meeting and not been entirely sure what a syllable or word meant because it clashed with the dark line crossing over it. You know, the pen makes dark lines and with dark lines on the paper we always have to put in extra effort to separate them."

The paper itself is a low-glare shade of grey which is designed to reduce glare and again make reading and interpreting easier than on the conventional white with black line counterpart.

It's more than just a novelty - it works. It's a hit with most people who use it, especially those who have to share their work, upload it, scan it or photocopy it.

The grid ruling Whitelines in particular is a really handy format. Those little points of detail in the graph, sketch or design which otherwise clash with the dark lines show up incredibly clearly.

And speaking of design, the 3D Pads are really really cool. The Perspective pad was designed with a Swedish industrial design company and is so handy for thinking on paper about 3D-space.

And the paper itself is really nice for writing. Whitelines is well reputed among the pedants at theFountain Pen Network though you may have to put the ambers, pinks and turquoises away when using it!

The formats - lined or squared - are bound in a variety of styles, each of which is tweaked a little to suit the intended purpose. That Hard Wire format is a total winner for me, though i do like the perforations in the soft wire format.

But it really is the paper which is the star here...or rather, what you write on the paper. Designed as a humble vehicle, ever the deferential medium, it sits back, fades away into absence, and lets your work take the spotlight.

They say it's all about supporting your creativity, or perhaps, as Behance would say, Showing your ideas some respect! Both very apt indeed!


  1. I have been using these not books for a while and they are great.

    Especially good for scanning to evernote or anything that is using OCR/image capture.

    It seems so obvious once you start using them.

  2. Amazing that someone didn't think of this sooner! A great idea