Friday, September 23, 2011

Newspaper Taxi Competition - We Love Mail!

Check out this competition from Newspaper Taxi! Trust me, we are very very impatiently waiting on our delivery of Rifle Paper goods and it is definitely worth the effort for a chance to win even one Rifle card! It's really beautiful stuff! Click through to Newspaper Taxi's Facebook for more details about the comp!


  1. Oh, thanks for sharing this. What a treat it would be to win! J x

  2. Question... Do we put our return address on the letter or envelope?? Ta!

  3. Yes, please be sure to (clearly) include your return address on the envelope so if you are the lucky winner, we can send your prize!

    Please feel free to share the competition with your friends. We have had lots of Blog's, Tweet's and Facebook shares. Spread the word to your fellow mail lovers, it will only make the first prize EVEN better, the more the merrier! X Stef