Monday, October 3, 2011

All new Lamy Al-Star Colour - Ruby!!

For all lovers of pens and fine writing, this is really great news to start the week! All new from Lamy, the limited edition Lamy Al-Star Ruby is now available, sitting pretty on our shelves and even prettier in my hand.

A lot of people struggle to get their head around the Lamy Al-Star. I mean, what is the Al-Star? Isn't it just like a Safari? Well yes, it kind of is like the Safari. It's the same shape, exactly the same in fact, and so it is rich with all of those same ergonomic benefits of comfort, fatigue-free writing and extremely smooth, trustworthy mechanisms underpinning it all.

But there are a couple of really important aesthetic differences between the Al-Star and the Safari. Firstly, the Al-Star has a transparent grip section. Secondly, it is made of lightweight aluminium and so the body is a little more complex. It's kind of iridescent and it's eye-catching.

To be fair it is not as robust as the Safari but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. I see the Al-Star as being the Safari's pretty sister. The Safari is like that little boy who can happily play in the mud all day long and his enthusiasm for life will not waiver. The Al-Star is more like his sister, who will run all the way home as soon as she gets so much as a drop of water on her dress.
But is that so bad? You don't need a tough, robust pen all the time. If you keep a fountain pen on your desk, then the Al-Star is an awesome choice. Safari reliability with a smoother surface, a lighter more luxurious feeling and that iridescent shine. I suppose at this point it would be remiss of me to not mention the fountain pen offer at the moment so see below.

If you're a Safari user, you're sure to love your pen. I love mine too. But sometimes, it's just nice to write with an Al-Star, like it's nice to talk to the little girl who doesn't go and get all muddy.

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