Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Just Landed: Mi Goals 2012

Quite possibly the Rookie of the Year in 2011, the Mi Goals Diary is back for its Sophomore outing and is completely free of the dreaded second album syndrome! Mi Goals was incredibly well received last year and quickly developed a loyal, thankful following.

If you missed the 2011 edition, the Mi Goals Diary is Designed and Made in Melbourne, just over the West Gate bridge from us in fact. It is a 'Goals' diary in that it has a conventional Weekly Diary section which is wrapped up and interwoven with formatted sections for setting, sticking to and achieving goals.

It has all the regular trimmings like yearly planning, notes, page markers and budget sections. In fact the budget section is quite in depth and in itself an important part of the goal theme.

Being Made in Melbourne means you get really nice quality. The cover is debossed and the monochrome design is really well rendered on lovely stock. Stitch binding keeps it all together and does the typography and design inside proud.

A lot of people who used the Mi Goals in 2011 or thought about using commented that they love the idea and they need something to keep that watchful eye over them to make sure they're on top of things. Thus was spawned the Mi Goals Stationery range!

The notebooks are A5 size with rounded corners, the same style and again, the same awesome quality. So robust, so substantial - a total winner.

In particular the Notes book which has numbered pages and a half plain (ie the left page) half ruled (ie the right page) layout.

If you're one of the many who has been searching for this layout, you too may join the long list of thankful Mi Goals fans.

All of the Mi Goals items have famous quotes throughout - the erudition of George Bernard Shaw, Charles Darwin et al there to be that paternal hand on your shoulder, making sure you're eating your vegies and doing what you said you would! Motivation for the motivated, triggers to keep you on track.

I myself did not use the 2011 Mi Goals but was struck by how much genuine feedback it received.

It's one thing to like something because it's really cute or it feels nice or for whatever reason. It's another altogether to acknowledge that it is actually helpful, has real utility, and became an important part of your day.

This is what Mi Goals users did in droves last year and what i expect a lot more people will be doing as 2012 rolls around.



  2. We have been looking for MiGoals diary for a while now here in Adelaide and we were lucky to find someone who is selling this at a local arts and crafts store. She bought it from Melbourne and said there are quite a few shops who carry the diary but it always gets sold out. So, she bought a number of these and sell it over her blog. My wife likes to give these away for gifts to her friends and family members and these are very functional and nice to look at, too, because of the simple and elegant design.

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