Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Just Landed: Rifle Paper Co

Just Landed: the amazing, highly sought after Rifle Paper Co! Cards, Invitations & Prints designed, made and almost invariably brought back from a holiday in the U S of A, Rifle Paper is made by a small team in an idyllic studio in Winter Park, Florida.

There is something warm and sunny about Rifle Paper too, a real joie de vivre in the designs. Rifle cards are generally thought of as having this nostalgic vibe to them, something whimsical or carefree.

Now i tend to steer clear of describing things as nostalgic. To me, the adjective has been associated too often with derivative or perfunctory work. Rifle paper definitely can't be described as derivative, but there is something that reminds me of an awesome children's book going on here.

The animals and circus theme is really cute but i think the Botanical theme is where Rifle's quality really comes through. See, here is the thing that makes stationery fans swoon in the presence of a rifle card - they're so real!

They are original, hand drawn designs but the way they are translated onto a printed card, thanks to the paper stock and care taken in printing, is so vivid. More than any other card I've really seen, these are alive. And it is actually quite engaging.

Anna Bond (creator) believes that stories and memories are best told, at least where the tyranny of distance gets in the way, through a hand written note. And this combination of design and production quality that brings these cards to life ensures that your message is being told by a capable anecdotalist...the recipient will be paying attention.

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