Friday, November 18, 2011

Design Stationery Gift Sets!

If we had an employee of the month award at NoteMaker and if i was lucky enough to crown its winner (yes, a crown would be the prize), then I reckon, even though we're only half-way through the month, that the Australia Post driver who swings by our warehouse would win. Hands down.

It's pretty much been daily these last couple of weeks that he drops off a present for somebody here...or rather, that somebody's somebody, and the morale boost is palpable every time. I bring this up here because at the start of the week i commented that everyone seems to be really organised, I mean, its ages before that alarm for gift buying goes off, right? Right?

Apparently not! The days are flying by. It's the 18th today! The 18th!! I swear it was the 3rd like a couple of days ago...

Anyway, if you too haven't really set that gift alarm yet then maybe now is a good time. Don't rush about it, don't panic...just think about it. We thought about it as a group last week and after a couple of afternoons of gratuitous fun, we came up with some Design Stationery Gift Sets!

This is all hand-picked, stuff we love, stuff that works well together, stuff we would proudly, happily give to loved ones. They were pretty much designed for people we know and hold dear and for those people who are always hard to buy for. Not this year, Pal. This year was easy for you!

And fun! We didn't really want to go back to real work in a hurry, so Gift Wrapping Kits were also made! See now it's no issue that days seem to be 12 hours long instead of 24, we're actually hanging out for the next couple of weeks to go by!


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