Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Arrival: Back to Paper!

Life is Hectic. Paper is Patient! This is the very clever motto of our latest New Arrival, Back to Paper. Now we deal with a lot of paper here at NoteMaker and as much as i love the Back to Paper motto, I can't say that i agree 100% of the time. Sometimes, paper isn't patient at all!

Sometimes you have a Behance Action Pad telling you to 'do this, do it now, right now!' or there is the extremely cute, though surely importunate, MMMG Collage Book. You could write a Zen Koan on that thing and i still don't think it would be relaxing.

So this is that old chestnut 'context' coming to the fore. Sometimes, you want to be whipped into action or sometimes you want the proverbial enthusiasm of a puppy making you do this or that. But of course, paper can be extremely patient, extremely deferent and simultaneously trustworthy.

Back to Paper is made by Brepols in Belgium. Brepols' history dates back to 1796 and the company does everything, from design to manufacture, in Belgium. There is a deep understanding of the paper format, a mindset that reveals respect for the stability and calm that paper represents.

The mood that Back to Paper creates is one of trust. Put it down on paper and you can relax. There is something fatherly about them, the sensible black cover, the organised approach to things (i wouldn't have thought to number the pages and include tabs and stickers to organise stuff), the no frills utility.

The blue ruling is also nice. It's set on fairly warm ivory paper, i mean it looks great, but i think this is an extension of that parental mood. It's a hand on your shoulder saying i'm here for you but this is important so you better do your best!

You can rely on Back to Paper to be your ally. I mean, not all paper is patient, but then again not every Herbie Hancock record is relaxing either (have you heard Rock It?). But as far as notebooks go, Back to Paper is your 'Maiden Voyage' - calming, grown up, readily identifiable as its own thing and just straight enjoyable. The kind of thing you can trust!


  1. I love the Herbie analogy. I think you should grade all your stock with a corresponding Herbie album... which notebook would be Head Hunters? Or Fat Albert Rotunda? :)

  2. great!