Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rhodia R Pads - Wow!

We've been guilty of enthusiasm for paper, notebooks and stationery in general, really, before. In fact, we would have a ridiculously long 'rap sheet' of such malfeasance. Indeed, where paper-related gusto is concerned, we are self-confessed tragics, absolutely beyond reform.

So when something like the Rhodia R Pad comes along, something which, despite all the thousands and thousands of sheets of paper we've thumbed through, still makes the heart skip a beat just to touch, we know it's really really special.

And i don't just mean the first time we got our hands on these R Pads, i mean every time. Every page, a state of permanent smitten-ness. I mean if you like to write, if you like to guide a pen deftly over paper, leaving those unmistakeable tracks of your hand, as individual as your fingerprint, you have to try this.

The covers are just as nice, well nearly just as nice, and are made of a matte coated stock which definitely does the premium paper beneath justice. Overall, there is a sense of self-awareness which i would almost find smug if it weren't so absolutely warranted. As notepads go (distinct from notebooks or journals) this is so clearly ahead of the rest, and by such a margin, that nobody could hesitate to call it the best writing pad in the world.

Technically, we could probably talk about why this paper is so amazing but really, all you'll need to know is immediately and very plainly stated within writing two words on a Rhodia R Pad. Try it out, for a deep and visceral understanding of world class, world leading, world beating paper.

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