Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Arrival - Delfonics Rino Brano

New Arrivals from Delfonics are always fun and this is no exception! We have new colours for the incredible Rollbahn notebook and new colours for the Delfonics pens! This must be the most popular pen in the world! Well, at least in the world of NoteMaker...put these two together, in any combination, and you just can't miss! Especially if you've had the good sense to keep it all together with a notebook strap...there are new styles of these too!

Going for a job interview? You'll get it if you turn up with a Rollbahn and Delfonics Pen! I haven't tried, but you could probably get out of speeding fines, win elections and get that girl just by carrying this combo around.

But I digress. What's All New is this wonderful thing we call Delfonics Rino Brano! My only reservation about it is the pronunciation. Indeed, Rino Brano (I'm running with Ree-no Brain-o) adds to the cacophony of possible pronunciations that design stationery throws at us everyday...Moleskine (mole-a-skeen-ay for Purists. Mole-skin for pragmatists) Papelote (pup-el-lot-eh) Cahier (ka-yay) Lamy (strictly speaking, Lar-mee) Leuchtturm1917 (Loysh-turm 1-9-1-7) and others cause mass confusion and hesitation. Again, I digress.

So, what is Rino Brano? It's this wonderful collection of wax canvas pouches. Little pen pouches, cute teeny carry-alls, A5 book pouches, little portfolios, travel wallets...endlessly useful and really well put together. I really like wax canvas, it's tough, water resistant and feels substantial. Trustworthy.

Inside is polyester lining and the zip and tab are adorable...small things have never escaped the consideration of Delfonics' designers! As you can see, there is just an air of confidence about the way Rino Brano pouches look. So understated yet so consummately well done. The label reads Rino Brano...With Lots Of Things. Lots of things to carry in it, lots of things to use it for and lots and lots of things to like about it.


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