Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Arrival - Papelote!

Just Landed is an all new brand for us at NoteMaker. In fact, it's an all new brand for Australia and probably an all new brand for you too - Papelote!

All the way from Prague, Papelote is pronounced (I think...Czech speakers feel free to correct!) Pup-el-lot-eh and it has an interesting meaning. (1) A Scrap of Paper. (2) A Paper Kite.

And this very much reveals the way that Papelote and head designer Katerina Sachova feel about paper and stationery. It's about re-use, re-invention and the way we frame things. Is it just a piece of elastic or can it be tweaked to hold your pens? Is it an envelope or a cool notebook cover just waiting to happen?

There is unbound creativity throughout all of Papelote's designs. This comes from their belief that paper is not a mere base for sketching or writing but it is this material full of flavour and colour. It's fun to touch, full of metaphor and a really important part of our day.

And colour is everywhere! Red, blue, green, purple, yellow...it's fun and colourful and just waiting to meet some new stationery to hang out with.

You'll find everything is really really well made. Thick paper, substantial card, beautiful wool felt and printed fabrics all come together to bring life to the things we carry everyday. Papelote proudly call themselves the Soul & Body of Paper and i think there is some right to this claim...it's all so vivid and, well, alive.


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