Friday, March 9, 2012

J Herbin Ink Tests!

We've had a very busy couple of days since falling for Kaweco pens as the infatuation seems to be pretty contagious. Kaweco rollerballs and fountain pens have been really well received and already we've had feedback about how enjoyable they are.

This is great news! We wrote that Kaweco is here to bring fine writing to the masses and the cockles of my little heart are nice and toasty to see this actually happening! Just as heartwarming to a sentimental fool like me is to see J Herbin Ink coupled with just about every Kaweco pen. The French & Germans may have had some troubles getting along in the past, but it's all sunshine and Queen from here!

Anyway, I love J Herbin Ink. I love the light, smooth flow. It's all water based and so it is not permanent or waterproof. I mean, it lasts long enough for any sensible period of archiving but if for some reason you wish to re-read your journal from beyond the grave, it might not work.

But the best thing (about fountain pen ink in general actually) is the shading. Ah, shading...i just love it! It's like a finger print, you can see how somebody writes and i have this theory that its like a window into the subconscious...every time i write 'check stock' the last two letters are really dark, like i'm trying to push the pen through the must be either really important to me or really frustrating!

And it just looks way better than ballpoint pen writing, even if you have a clumsy hand...the analogy is like an original oil painting (fountain pen) and a print of the same (ballpoint).

Check out some more colours below and then a truly wonderful example of what somebody with lovely handwriting can do using a fountain pen. This is a poem written by Nicholas Gold as part of our Rhodia Think Offline comp in 2011. Fitting as Rhodia paper is money in the bank where fountain pens are concerned.


  1. Lovely colors! Sapphire blue is my favorite. Thanks for sharing this post over here.

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