Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Arrival - Kaweco Pens

I love this photo! A Kaweco Classic Sport Fountain Pen sitting, however incongruously, inside a teeny little trophy. The red, white and blue paraphernalia gives it the feeling of a podium presentation, or a triumphant return and ticker tape parade, but there is still some evasive charm I can't put my finger on.

And this is kind of how I feel about Kaweco pens. Charmed, certainly. Indeed beyond my own comprehension...i mean how can such an unprepossessing pen tickle me so? The capacity to transcend things is always beyond articulation, that special something as they say, and after two weeks of trying to intellectualise how i feel about the Kaweco Sport pen, i'm giving up. I just love it, alright?.

But we can say some other things about these. Kaweco is and has forever been made in Germany. Forever is a good word when talking about Kaweco - the company goes all the way back to 1883, a mere 12 years after Germany was known as Germany!

The Kaweco Sport comes in a variety of styles - Ice Sport, Al-Sport, Classic Sport and a few others still. Ice Sport to me typifies the Kaweco spirit. It's fit and versatile with the eagerness of a young puppy to be taken everywhere with you whilst being just as robust. It was originally designed, as the 'sport' name suggests, to be used in any situation.

It has a simple ABS plastic body which is only 10.5cm long with the cap on and then 13.3cm long once you've posted the cap to write. It's really small and easy to carry. This made me laugh as i was going for an afternoon jog last week and didn't even notice that it was in my pocket until i got home! Genuinely, a sporty pen indeed! ABS Plastic is an inexpensive, tough material, so the Ice Sport is stunningly affordable. Here we run into the best part about these pens - the value!

Kaweco pens use nibs made by the well reputed, indeed revered, Bock family in Germany. The Bocks have been making fountain pen nibs since the 1920s. I mean, just think of how good you can get practising the same thing for over 90 years! Combine this with Kaweco's encyclopaedic knowledge of pen making and the economies of scale that come into production are really awesome. This means value - big time.

It's only $20 for an Ice Sport fountain pen and I can guarantee there are pens 5 times as expensive which aren't as enjoyable to write with. If you have really big hands, or you need a heavy pen in your hand, or you need diamonds and pearls, then this is not for you.

But if you're into writing and things which look really cool, then this is totally for you! If you've been thinking about a fountain pen but maybe they're a little too expensive, or maybe you're unsure if you'll use it much, or it will agree with you or you have any other doubts, then I do recommend that you test the water with Kaweco...be warned though, you'll very soon jump right in!

Something else I really love about the Kaweco Sport is the screw cap - a screw cap! Maybe there is some transference going on here. Maybe every time that I screw off the cap i am reminded of an Omas Arte Italiana or another of the luxury screw cap pens I know...

Ignoring Jung and his shrink buddies for a moment, I also love the pause that a screw cap forces. It's only a sec, of course, but it's enough to impart the sense that something profound or monumental is about to be written, even if it's just 'Buy Sunset Traveler's CD' quickly scribbled down as happened yesterday. It's like William Makepeace Thackeray's quote that 'There are a thousand thoughts lying within a man that he does not know till he takes up a pen to write'...I think the act of screwing the cap off gives a vital moment for one such thought to maybe effect the right synapse here or there and maybe, just maybe, make it into the world...but who knows, right?

There's no neat resolution to this post. These pens are totally charming, I love them and I know a few of the reasons why i love the but the sum is greater than the parts. All I can say is that you should try one. If you have 50 fountain pens, you'll still enjoy it and if you're yet to try out the format then it will win you over. They say it's a wise man who speaks when he feels he needs to and a fool who feels the need to speak. I readily admit that this has been a verbose post but heck, where pens are concerned, I'm head over heels, a total fool, for Kaweco.


  1. "I'm head over heels, a total fool, for Kaweco" feels like some kind of mini haiku!

  2. I came across these pens in Europe and absolutely love them. They are hard to find in Australia, so good work field notes!

  3. *sigh* x

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