Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Design Stationery Boutique

We have a lot of stuff at NoteMaker. Obviously we like it all. Indeed, we love it all but i guess there are inevitably firsts among equals and with this in mind, I think I can speak on behalf of the crew when i say that we are Paper People.

Yes, as the last month attests, we love pens. Of course we'd be lost sans diary, couldn't work without desk accessories, wouldn't even bother leaving the house without a cool bag and would rather recede into hermitic loneliness than to imagine a world without albums and journals for memories.

But really, our first love, that thing that lit a flame in our heart way back in early 2006 was, is and forever will be paper. Paper People!

Perhaps the best thing about paper is that it is, in a literal and metaphoric sense, the soul of design stationery. Obviously, most stationery is made from paper so there is the tangible side of things but its the nature of paper - availability, ease of use, familiarity, adaptability - that allows so many people to get 'hands-on' and bring their ideas to life. This is the true design stationery story - the fact that so many people fall head over heels for it and devote their time, creativity and emotion to it.

Ask a designer who is bound by CAD or Illustrator the favourite part of their day or job and you'll hear 99 times out of a hundred that it is when they get to put pencil to paper and really explore their designs. They too are Paper People!

So we made a point recently to find and celebrate Paper People! We're starting with three: Ashleigh Dewar, creator of Peggy Takes Manhattan; Holly Webber, creator of Letterbox Love; The Paper Nomad team, itinerant brains of Paper Nomad. More about each over the coming days.

These people had a flame in their hearts too and turned to Paper to bring it to life. Hand made, Home made and done for the love of the process and their faith in Paper. Check out our Design Stationery Boutique, showcasing these awesome, wonderful designs.

Paper People of the world, Unite!

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