Thursday, April 5, 2012

Paper Nomad & Red Dot Design Award

I kind of feel like a part of the In Crowd today. See, i always knew these Paper Nomad sleeves were really cool and now that one of the world's most prestigious design awards, the Red Dot Product Design Award, has crowned Paper Nomad better than 4500 other entries from 58 countries and 1800 design houses, well,'s validating. Congrats to Paper Nomad for picking up the 2012 Red Dot Design Award!

It's a very cool idea with a very cool story behind it. It's an extremely 'international' operation. Believe it or not, the idea and first stage of design was done over drinks in Melbourne, at the Espy of all places! Three mates put their heads together, met some 'general enthusiasts' from Austria and Finland and turned their cool idea into a commercial reality. Paper Nomad now lives in Vienna and they do all of their case sewing in Romania.

Their trick is all in the material. The patent is pending and it is a special pulping process that uses several layers of paper and a bio-polymer membrane. Thanks to the magic of chemistry, this makes the sleeves tear- and water-resistant. The insides are lined with sheep wool felt and cotton and the whole thing is biodegradable and happily, humbly, will one day return to the earth from whence it came.

As you can see in the video above, it's all very hands on, both in manufacturing and use. The paper exterior is obviously a dream come true for people who like to sketch or doodle or maybe don't carry a notebook with them everywhere. Whether you treat it like a mini canvas and do your own cool design or just treat it like a to-do list or notebook, the cool thing about Paper Nomad is that over time it will start to say something about you. Reminding you of that book the guy at the cafe suggested you read or that awesome song you heard streaming on your laptop...

I think people are really, finally, wholly giving up on apps (for whatever device) that 'help' with note taking and reminding. It's just nowhere near as easy as a pen and some paper. When they first met, a lot of people were worried, paper people mainly, that paper and this new generation of amazing digital smartness were going to meet head on and that one was going to crush the other. How silly! It's like when two dogs meet at a park, right? Paper & Digital have had enough time to sniff each other out and now they know what the one can do for the other...i look forward to watching them frolic and chase birds for years to come! So how perfect of Paper Nomad to put these new best buddies side-by-side?!


  1. I will probably find myself holding back on doodling on the papernomad because I actually liked how it looks on its own particularly the contrasting sheep wool lining.

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